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Mao Kobayashi by Garo Aida 3

Selected Books by Garo Aida

* Shōjo. Japan: Toen Mook, 1981
* Romansu. Tokyo, Japan: Take Shobo, 1981
* Romansu Part 2. Tokyo, Japan: Take Shobo, 1982
* Hi ga gensou jipangu ~ Ten no maki. Japan: Bamboo Mook, 1982
* W Face. Tokyo, Japan: Wanibooks, 1994 - ISBN 4-8470-2362-5
* Sweden Sex-Ton. Tokyo, Japan: Kaiohsha, 1994 - ISBN 4-87724-027-6
* Sweden Sex-Ton 2. Tokyo, Japan: Kaiohsha, 1995 - ISBN 4-87724-031-4
* Imouto. Tokyo, Japan: Kaiohsha, 1998 - ISBN 4-87724-076-4
* The Photography of Alice in Wonderland. Japan: Bauhaus, 1999
* Kaoru Seventeen. Tokyo, Japan: Bunkasha, 1999 - ISBN 4-8211-2271-5
* Kaoru 2. Tokyo, Japan: Bunkasha, 2000 - ISBN 4-8211-2315-0
* Sotsugyou Sashin - Kaoru Private Collection. Tokyo, Japan: Bunkasha, 2002 - ISBN 4-8211-2451-3
* The European Fairy Tale. Tokyo, Japan: Bunkasha, 2003 - ISBN 4-8211-2514-5
* Saaya 11 sai. Tokyo, Japan: Bunkasha, 2005 - ISBN 4-8211-2660-5
* Mao 13 sai ~Houjun~. Tokyo, Japan: Bunkasha, 2006 - ISBN 4-8211-2679-6
* Mao 14 sai ~Oto~. Tokyo, Japan: Bunkasha, 2006 - ISBN 4-8211-2683-4

More Mao Kobayashi by Garo Aida


Sora Aoi Body, Tsumugi

Just saw the newly released 2004 Sora Aoi dramatic "pink" movie Tsumugi. It was a good easy movie to enjoy. An Amazon review is below the photos. Many of Sora Aoi's videos are available by clicking her pictures and joining Japan Sex Network where you can download over 4,000 AV movies instantly!!

Here's a partial list of Sora Aoi DVDs:

* [2002.07.25] Aoi Sora
* [2003.06.25] Ratai
* [2003.10.10] Love x Love
* [2004.02.25] Ratai #2
* [2004.07.25] Fushigi no Kuni no Aoi Sora
* [2005.06.11] Kirei na Sex

Japanese adult film superstar Sora Aoi is a 5 1 C-cup bombshell born in Tokyo, on November 11th, 1983, Sora Aoi debuted as a Gravure (bikini model) model in 2002 at the age of 18. That same year she made her adult film debut and quickly became one of the giants in the Japanese adult film world.

Aoi Sora's first appearance in a Pink Eiga was in 2004 with her film Tsumugi, for which she won the Best New Actress Award at the Pink Eiga Film Festival. Tsumugi proved to be her breakout role. The movie was popular enough to earn a theatrical run outside of the Pink Eiga circuit and since then, Sora Aoi has acted in numerous non-adult films including Masahiro Yamamoto s Man, Woman, and the Wall (2006) as well as in a Korean Television drama and the Thai romantic comedy Hormones (2008).

Sora Aoi continues to appear in Adult Films you can find on the Japan Sex Network

In addition to her acting work, Sora Aoi s photography has been published in the German magazine European Photography.

She also came up with the idea for the popular manga Aozora, which has been running in the Japanese weekly manga magazine Weekly Sunday Manga.

Due to the success of the manga, in 2008 Aoi Sora starred in the movie adaptation of Aozora. What s unique about Sora Aoi is that she has many fans all around the world both men and women. As a result, she s been eagerly studying English and even has an English language blog as well as a Japanese language one.

Awards: Best New Actress Pink Eiga film festival in 2004 Filmography: Aosora (Blue Sky) (2008) Namida Tsubo (2008) Man, Woman, and the Wall (2007) Memories of Matsuko (2006) Erotic Ghost: Siren (2004) Love Twisted (2004) Stop the Bitch Campaign: Hell Version (2004) Tsumugi (2004)Sora Aiu

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