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Miu Nakamura Innocence2 part 2

The completion of the Innocence2 photobook with Miu Nakamura, Japanese teen idol.
Birthdate: March 14, 1991 (1991-03-14) (age 18)
Birth location: Japan
Measurements: B:83 W:54 H:83
Height: 157cm
Weight: 48 kg
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Ethnicity: Japanese

More about Miu:
After leaving middle school, she decided not to take the high school entrance exam, and instead chose to focus on her modelling career. At the age of 14, her first gravure DVD, "Fairy", was released on December 1, 2005. An innocent-looking girl donning provocative swimsuits, Nakamura soon caught the attention of idol fans.

In July 2006, she won the title of "Miss Young Magazine". After winning the title, she was quoted as saying that she would show her naughtier side from then on. However, towards the end of 2007, rumours about her leaving the idol industry began to spread and she didn't appear in public for several months. Following her return to the public gaze it was rumoured that she had been absent so long because she had been taken from her home in Iwate prefecture by an unnamed relative with alleged links to the Yakuza.
Since returning, she has focused more on music, acting and voice-acting as well as modelling.

Her career as a singer is now beginning to be genuinely successful with her album 'Stand My Ground' with its gothic rather than pop overtones selling well in Asia even outside Japan.

Part 1 of Miu Nakamura Innocence2


Isa Aoki, new teen idol in Japan, part 2

More of teen J-idol Isa Aoki. In some of the photos Isa Aoki, a cute 17 year old idol does some posing with 21 year old Marina Kasahara.

Official Profile:
# ニックネーム:青木衣沙
# 性別:女性
# 誕生日:1992年8月28日
# 血液型:O型
# 出身地:東京都
# 特技:ボタンの早縫い・縄跳び二重飛び
# 趣味:ぬいぐるみ集め・料理作り・ビーズアクセサリー作り

* Nickname: Sand Cloth Aoki
* Gender: Female
* Date of birth: 1992 August 28
* Blood Type: O -
* Hometown: Tokyo
* Special skill: sewing buttons quickly jump rope double jump・
* Hobbies: collecting stuffed dishes・・making beaded accessories make

Part One of Isa Aoki

More Isa Aoki


Miu Nakamura Innocence2 part 1

仲村みう Nakamura Miu born March 14, 1991 is a Japanese tarento and gravure idol. She was born in Aomori prefecture, and now resides in Iwate prefecture.

* ニックネーム:仲村みう
* 性別:女性
* 誕生日:1991年3月14日
* 血液型:B型
* 出身地:岩手県
* サイズ:身長156cm/体重41㌔/バスト(C)82cm/ウェスト52cm/ヒップ79cm
* 自己紹介:
* 12/10に日本語詞楽曲第2弾 2ndシングル「stillness in the wind」をリ...>>続きをみる

* ブログジャンル:アイドル情報

Miu's Blog

Part 2 of this photobook on 5/21.

Part 2 of Miu Nakamura Innocence2


Isa Aoki, new teen idol in Japan

Isa Aoki is a new Japanese teen idol. Her partner in some of the photos is Marina Kasahara. Part 2 Of Isa Aoki

here is the Isa Aoki blog

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