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Reina Tanaka Shojo 3


Erika Sawjiri

Erika Sawjiri is already an accomplished actress and talent with many photoboks including Erika & P-Chu.

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Reina Tanaka Shojo 2

More from the popular Japanese idol Reina Tanaka


* Hello Hello! (ハロハロ!, Hello Hello!), photobook with Eri Kamei and Sayumi Michishige (July 15, 2003) ISBN 4-04-894251-4
* Tanaka Reina (田中れいな, Tanaka Reina), first solo photobook (November 11, 2004) ISBN 4-8470-2834-1
* Reina (れいな, Reina), second solo photobook (October 15, 2005) ISBN 4-8470-2890-2
* Shōjo R (少女R, Shōjo R), third solo photobook (May 10, 2006) ISBN 4-8470-2932-1
* Alo Hello! Tanaka Reina (アロハロ!田中れいな写真集, Alo Hello! Tanaka Reina) (February 1, 2007 - Kadokawa Shoten) ISBN 4-0489-4483-5


* Hoshisuna no Shima, Watashi no Shima - Island Dreamin' (星砂の島、私の島~ISLAND DREAMIN'~, Hoshisuna no Shima, Watashi no Shima - Island Dreamin') (September 29, 2004)

TV Shows

* Hello! Morning (ハロー!モーニング。, Hello! Morning) (2003 – Present)
* Sore Yuke! Gorokkies (それゆけ!ゴロッキーズ, Sore Yuke! Gorokkies) (September 29 – December 26, 2003)
* Futarigoto (二人ゴト, Futarigoto) (June 1 – June 4, 2004 | August 18 – August 26, 2004)
* Musume DOKYU! (娘DOKYU!, Musume DOKYU!) (May 13, 2005 – Present)


* TBC FUN FIIRUDO MOORETSU MOODASSHU (TBC FUNふぃーるど・モーレツモーダッシュ, TBC FUN FIIRUDO MOORETSU MOODASSHU?) (April 18 – April 29, 2005 | May 16 – April 27, 2005)
* Haropuro Yanen (ハロプロやねん!!, Haropuro Yanen) (June 26, 2005)

* Alo Hello! Reina Tanaka DVD (アロハロ!田中れいな DVD, Alo Hello! Reina Tanaka DVD?) (February 14, 2007)


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