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Attackers on Japan Sex Network

Enjoy this month's feature film at Japan Sex Network

Attackers Studios presents Princess Insult 3, starring award winning adult actress Rin Aoki, Megu Ayase, and Rin Hayakawa. A tale based loosely on actual Japanese history which takes place during the first year of the Japanese era Tensho where regional states were at war with each other. The movie begins at the temple where Ashikaga Yoshiaki, the 15th shogun (general) of the Ashikaga shogunate has been banished after being driven out of Kyoto by warllord Oda Nobunaga's army. Loosing his power and authority and banished to the national temple, the confined Ashikaga Yoshiaki holds a serious grudge against Oda Nobunaga and devises a plan to marry out the Princess (Rin Hayakawa) secretly to the powerful Mouri family, in which he hopes that both families will together drive out Oda Nobunaga from the region.

The mission of guarding and delivering the princess to the Mouri Family through the lies with Rin Aoki, a super busty skilled female swordsmen and super cute Megu Ayase, a very cute archer with pretty useless archery skills, but as in all Attacker studio movies, the girls are simply out numbered in nearly every situation and capture and tortured.

This large production AV video features everyone dressed in ancient Japanese costumes and includes lots of rope bondage, wax dripping, and intense sex. Combining a good storyline and a realistic adventure, this great video is not to be missed and is available for download in both DivX AVI and Windows Media Video format.

Vingt Takako Uehara Artistic

Takako started her career as a member of the group SPEED.

SPEED was a female J-Pop group consisting of four members: Hiroko Shimabukuro, Eriko Imai, Takako Uehara, and Hitoe Arakaki. When the group formed they scored the record for the lowest average age for a group (13 and a half years old). Speed's two primary vocalists were Hiroko and Eriko.

Since debuting in 1996 with the single "Body & Soul," they have won multiple Japan Gold Disc Awards such as New Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, and Song of the Year.

The group disbanded in early 2000, much to the displeasure of their fans, with each of the members pursuing solo projects (most notably Hiroko). They did, however, get back together temporarily twice; in 2001 releasing "One More Dream" and in 2003 releasing new works as part of the "Save the Children" charity project.

Speed's songs are typically fast and upbeat, incorporating a little bit of a hip-hop feel, and they have also been known to do the odd ballad on occasion.

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