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Enjoy the Chinese to English translation of Kaede Matsushima's profile:

With a pair of snow-white slender pine nut Island maple input AV sector because it is the boyfriend exchanges for years, and he wants to put film circle, but without the funds, so we can only 70-80,000 AV money. 成為男友執導的AV女主角。Directed become boyfriend AV actress. 有報導記者直接問她:「當你拍攝真槍實彈的AV片時,男友看到你跟其他男人性交時,會否感到不滿?Xinhua reported directly asked her : "When you live ammunition shooting AV films and boyfriends to see you, sexual intercourse with other men, will feel dissatisfied? 」她的回答則是:「他是一個非常專業的導演,他明白當我是演員時,就要按照劇本做好本分。"Her answer was :" He is a very professional director, he will understand when I was actor, we must do our part in accordance with the script. 」她說:「我見他一個人賺錢實在吃力,我決定擔任AV女優幫他分擔,和他一起工作實在太興奮,我們可以互相扶持,互相鼓勵,每當我演出有甚麼不妥時,他都會耐心教導我。"She said :" I see a person he is struggling to make money, I decided to help Talk : Taoism as he shared and his work is too excited, we can help each other and encourage one another, whenever I perform what was wrong, he would teach me patience. 」"

她說:「更何況回家以後我們也會互相磨練技術...。She said : "Moreover, we will also go home after each other tempering technology .... 」她笑著說:「等等也跟我試試吧。, "She said with a smile :" etc. I would also like to try playing. 」"

[编辑]主要作品 major works

[编辑] 2003

* バージン・ラブJinn バ ー ブ verses
* 女尻Female 尻

[编辑] 2004

* 不倫美人若妻 肉欲の餌食Donald beauty if not carnal, the wife Fresh Bait
* セルフポートレート#5セ ル フ ポ ー ト レ ー ト # 5
* 真裸【MAPPA】Naked truth -- [MAPPA
* やっぱきれいなお姉さんが好き!Ye away is indifferent to them yet is the sister Messengers of you away!
* 危ない密室Adversity your room!
* 風俗で松島かえでとしたいっ!Custom And they Matsushima, but most men worlds for destruction!
* 制服人形Uniform spirits
* 新卒美人女教師は性奴隷New single-American female teachers are sex slaves
* 猥褻モデルル デ indecency Sentence
* 逆ソープ天国Inverse プ ソ ー heaven
* フェティッシュ かえでフ ェ テ ィ Allah O Shu'aib, but most men?

[编辑] 2005

* 高めの女とやりまくりHigh pay the woman And those believers And with a gradual
* 誘う淫乱ウェイトレスLure them swindler ウ ェ イ ト レ ス
* 悪女教師Evil female teachers
* 美人官能小説家の愛欲に溺れる一週間American novelist the functional Eros them drowned them one week between them
* 略奪愛 寝盗る女Seized the strategic love those women sleep bootlegging
* 白衣の堕天使 パワハラの罠White angel trumpet the falling ワ the Min Allah
* 牝に犯られる女Female they will be guilty of those women
* Snow WhiteSnow White
* クチビル・ハニーチ ビ ル ク ・ Aaron ニ ー
* 女子校生の頃Woman hectares of the school
* 憧れのOL 美脚なぶりUnsettled is the U.S.-foot OL you persevere you
* 美女痴女Female beauty buffs

[编辑] 2006

* 別れさせ屋の美女Other remembrance of the beautiful homes
* 松島かえでのセックスカウンセリングMatsushima He Him will come セ ス カ ッ ク Pharaoh セ リ ン グ
* 童貞喰いの綺麗なお姉さんCan virginity! The city, yet is the sister Messengers
* ノーカット4時間!!ノ ー カ ッ ト four hours!
* 僕のラブドールAllah fall on the vines ー ル
* ランジェリークイーンWorship Allah ェ ン リ ー ク イ ー ン


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