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Airplane Stewardess Cosplay 3

Final encore of airline stewardesses having sexy poses in midair.....oh, well, it's staged for the cameras, but it's nice to imagine it really happens. I bet it does too, who would tell if it happened to them!!

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Airplane Stewardess Cosplay 2

More sexy Asian stewardess cosplay, as these naked and almost naked airline stewardesses tease with their sexy airline uniforms coming on and off.....


Kaede Matsushima Last for Love 3

Here is the translation to English of the Wikipedia Kaede Matsushima entry:
Matsushima Feng (November 7, 1982 -), a native of Fukuoka, Japan, is a well-known AV videos. 2002,AliceJapan 但2007年7月31日宣布引退 2002 belonging to the universe planner in the AliceJapan company fixed monthly tablets, but on July 31, 2007 declared that the withdrawal was ready boyfriend marriage.After five years AV career making films about 55, is still many fans of the vote before several high popularity videos.

Matsushima Feng

With a pair of snow-white slender the Fontainebleau Matsushima input AV sector because it contacts the boyfriend of many years, are bent into the film world, but have no money, so money can only去拍AV. As directed by her boyfriend AV actress. Press reports directly asked her: "When you shooting live ammunition AV films, you see her with other men, will feel dissatisfied with?" Her answer was: "He is a very professional director, he I understand that when the actor is, we must follow the script done our part well. [Source request] "But she herself also find this one into the sex drama began when undress making love, and she showed abnormal excitement:" When he is supervision , I do understand that they are actors in the part, but whenever I think of her in the face and other people making love, I also feel very淫贱, filled with guilt, while there are an unprecedented sense of excitement and stimulation in the heart arises spontaneously, let me more giving strong performances! "she said:" I see he is a person struggling to make money, I decided as AV videos helped him sharing, and he is too excited to work together, we can mutually support each other to encourage, whenever there is nothing wrong with my performance, he would patiently taught me. "
She said: "Moreover, we will also go home after each other tempering technology ...." She said with a smile: "etc. also try it with me."

Previous installment here: kaede-matsushima-last-for-love-2


Mai Ayane

Not much is known about Mai Ayane except that she wears a sexy red bikini here and then switches into some cool fetish gear.........a leather bra that's on tight and a wild mesh pattern pantyhose stocking. That and the hooker stripper cat suit work for me!

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