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Ai Sayama Blue Maid Cosplay

One of my favorite costumes is the blue maid cosplay look, so here is sexy Ai Sayama. For about 4,000 other sexy pics you can click through the images. I like how she sticks her cute cotton panty booty in the air!


Kaede Matsushima Last for Love 2

As promised here are the summaries of the 19 Kaede Matsushima adult movies available for download immediately on the Japan Sex Network.

Diary to Future
Kaede Matsushima

In this video, Kaede gets her nipples stimulated inside a car with vibrators, followed by some botanical garden outdoor exposure, and has some intense hotel room sex in two different scenes. You can tell Kaede sincerely enjoyed being fucked by the actor in the last scene.

No.1 Cabaret Host
Kaede Matsushima

This is a documentary type adult video where Kaede is a clubgirl hostess who has this "thing" for the male attendants working at the club. The films explore the life of a club girl, how she has sex with her boyfriend, and sex with her customers.

Costume Play Doll
Kaede Matsushima

Many cos-sports uniforms for you to select. Kaede Matsushima will dress in swimwear, golf clothes, professional ice skater, badminton player and much more. A very good Kaede adult video.

Sex with My Ex Boyfriend
Kaede Matsushima

Kaede talks about how its like to have sex with her boyfriends and in each scene, she revists the sexual moment.

Paradise Love
Kaede Matsushima

In Paradise Love, follow Kaede as she flys out to a vacation resort for some extremely erotic hotel and beach sex. A video with a very sensual girlfriend feel to it.

Cherry Boy
Kaede Matsushima

In Cherry Boy (Beautiful Girl Eats Cherry Boy), Kaede teaches and gives herself freely to a virgin who has no experience with sex.

Cutie AV Idols
Kaede Matsushima & Others

A nude idol video compilation of an all star cast of beautiful AV actresses which include Akiho Yoshizawa, Kaede Matsushima, Mihiro, Hikari Kisugi, Ryoko Mitake and Nana Natsume.

Erotic Journalist
Kaede Matsushima

Kaede is kidnapped and held hostage by a boss who wants her to write 4 erotic novels.

Arrogant Lady
Kaede Matsushima

Everyone's favorite actress becomes a model, a stewardess, a celebrity, and a president of a company at the same time giving up her sensual pussy for some fun sex.

Club Girl Sex
Kaede Matsushima

The nightlife scene in Japanese clubs brought to life by Kaede Matsushima in this rare and exciting video feature of the Japanese sex world.

Snow White
Kaede Matsushima

A tale of eating a poisonous apple, Kaede ends up paralyzed next down while be fondled and exploited by bad peope.

Affair Wives
Kaede Matsushima

When Kaede's husband leaves for work, Kaede transforms into a superslut and goes out for some fooling around.

Raped By Female
Kaede Matsushima

Titled "Raped by Female" or "Bitch Fucks Her", this movie is about Kaede moving into her cousin Shoko's house and with her slave boy.

2005 Alice Costume Play Compilation
Kaede Matsushima & Others
Japan Home Video KA-2227

Taking out costume fetish scenes from the newest cos-play movies of Ryoko Mitake, Sora Aoi, Kaede Matsushima, Akiho Yoshizawa, Yuna Mizumoto, Sumire Aida, and Hikaru Houzuki.

Kaede Matsushima

Mejiri Sexy Butt
Kaede Matsushima

Top actress Kaede Matsushima is presented in this stunning butt examination for the most sexy butt ever.

Indecent Model (Y-Setsu Model)
Kaede Matsushima

In this movie, Kaede Matsushima gets attacked by many horny men because of her sexy and lovely body. Some Bondage and SM scenes included.

Teacher Sex Slave
Kaede Matsushima

Threatened by her students after her photo is placed on the web, Kaede's students manipulate her to pleasure them.

Kaede Matsushima

Kaede super fetish movie. See in detail every detail of Kaede Matsushima from here feet, eyes, breasts and all. An absolute movie for Kaede lovers.

Kaede Matsushima

Virgin Love
Kaede Matsushima


Kaede Matsushima Last for Love

19 Kaede Matsushima movie downloads are available on the Japan Sex Network (just click through). In the next post I'll include the Kaede Matsushima movie summaries that go with the video covers.

update: Here is the Kaede Matsushima Last for Love 2nd installment.

Officially Kaede has retired but we hope she continues to enjoy life and sex!

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