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Akiyama Rina, the Queen of Asia


* Name: Akiyama Rina (秋山莉奈)
* Nickname: Bishiri no Jyoou (Roughly translates to "Queen of Ass")
* Birthdate: September 26th, 1985
* Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 164.5cm
* Bust: 83cm
* Waist: 57cm
* Height: 88cm
* Hobby: Candy making
* Ability: Piano


* [2001.10.12] 16beat
* [2002.03.20] DER
* [2005.09.22] Beach Angels Akiyama Rina in Guam
* [2005.11.23] Rakuen ~ 20sai no Secret Paradise
* [2006.06.xx] Otona e no Ketsui
* [2006.10.18] K21
* [2007.02.25] Itazura na Kanojo


* [2001.09.xx] Sphere Collection Vol.2 Rina
* [2002.03.20] DER
* [2003.12.xx] Yukkuri Aishite
* [2003.12.xx] KISS
* [2005.11.23] Rakuen ~ 20sai no Secret Paradise
* [2006.06.xx] Shitsu Rakuen Rina ~ Otona e no Ketsui
* [2006.10.18] K21
* [2007.01.xx] Bible - The Bible of the Golden Great Hips


Yuna Matsuda

Here is Yuna Matsuda in a white bikini.


Leah Dizon Hello in Hawaii 2

Leah Dizon

Leah Donna Dizon Born: September 24 1986 (1986--) (age 20)
Flag of United StatesLas Vegas, US
Occupation: Model, Singer
Website: Official Website

Leah Dizon (リア・ディゾン, Ria Dizon?, born as Leah Donna Dizon on September 241986) is a model, singer and Japanese television tarento, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.[1] She has two older brothers, an older sister, and two younger brothers. Her astrological sign is Libra, and her Chinese zodiac sign is Tiger. Blood type is O.[1] Her ethnicities include Chinese, Filipino and French.


Leah Dizon received moderate success including the cover features of various import car magazines. However, her modeling career in the United States gained her much attention and a fanbase overseas, predominantly in Asia. One year after her pictures were posted up on the internet, she had already 2,000,000 hits from search engines. [1] Following the advice of her fans, Dizon sent a demo tape to a talent agency in Japan and in April of 2006, after being accepted, she immediately moved to Tokyo. In October 2006, she released her first photobook titled Petite Amie (Girlfriend in French). In 2007, Dizon made her debut as a singer under the record label Victor Entertainment. Her debut CD single and DVD package, Softly (VIZL-216) was released February 14 2007[2], which stayed at number #7 in the Oricon Charts for two days and then rose to #5. At the same time, she also released her second photobook titled Hello! Leah.[3].

In March, 2007, Hikaru Utada appeared on TBS music show "Utaban", recording a message for Dizon. Utada was saying how she felt bad that Dizon has no friends in Japan yet. Utada stated how she heard Dizon liked Utada's music, and stated she is also a fan of Dizon. To Utada's surprise, Dizon was standing behind her. Dizon poked her side and said "Arigatōgozaimasu" (Japanese for "Thank you very much").

Dizon will release her second single, Koi Shiyō♪, on May 30, 2007. The title track of the single is said to be a 'grooving, up-tempo dance song'. The single will feature 2 B-sides like her debut single, Could you be that one? and アイシテル~ Love Story.[4] The title track, Koi Shiyō♪ will be used in a commercial promoting Lotte starring herself. [5]

Dizon attended the Japanese MTV Video Music Awards, on May 26, 2007 as a Guest Celebrity. [6]



* [August.**.****] Traffic in the Sky [7]


* [October.01.2006] Petite Amie
* [February.14.2007] Alo Leah! Hello! Leah (ハロリア! Hello! Leah)

Here's the first part of Hello in Hawaii


Miyu Hoshino Labyrinth, Featured Photobook

This month's featured photobook is Miyu Hoshino's Labyrinth......enjoy the Miyu Hoshino Labyrinth photo gallery. The first few images start out warm and happy in white....

Young looking Yoko Matsugane

The Yoko bio:

Yoko Matsugane (松金 洋子, Matsugane Yōko) (born May 26, 1982) is a Japanese gravure (or bikini) idol from Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. She is famous for her voluptuous figure.

She has released several DVDs and photobooks and has appeared on several TV shows in Japan. As of January 2006, Yoko left her modeling agency, but is still active in producing DVDs and photo sets. At the times of the release of her latest DVD she usually attends promotional events where her fans get to meet their idol and take a picture with her. These events are most often held in department stores in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

[edit] DVDs released

* Dulcet (2002)
* Spiritual (2002)
* Enrapture (2002)
* Violation (2002)
* Idol one: Melon (2003)
* Idol one: Suika (2003)
* Gekkan Yoko Matsugane (2003)
* Lolita Paradox (2004)
* Idol one: Fruit box (2004)
* Sweet Y (2004)
* Sweet Pie (2004)
* Nagomi (2004)
* Idol one: Tsuki no Kodo (2004)
* Idol one: Taiyō no Yakudo (2004)
* Yoko Matsugane Perfect Collection (2005)
* Tentai DVD Box (2005)
* Yoko Matsugane Perfect Collection Vol.2 (2005)
* Idol one: 5 DVD-Box (2005)
* Shutaisei Densetsu I (2006)
* Shutaisei Densetsu II (2006)
* Body Scandal (2006)
* Chichishigure (2007)
* Ultimate (2007)
* Chichi Gurui (2007)
* Chichi Mamire (2007)


Sora Aoi Movie Downloads

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Milk Ichigo, Hikari Kisugi and Sora Aoi

A compilation video featureing three super hot AV actresses. Milk Ichigo, Hikari Kisugi and Sora Aoi.

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Sora Aoi & others

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Sora Aoi

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Max Cafe All Stars
Sora Aoi & Others

The powerful line-up of your favorite MAX-A AV Actresses featured. Girls include: Sora Aoi, Naho Ozawa, Ryoko Mitake, Akiho Yoshizawa, Rei Itoh, Yui Kitajima, Yua Aida, Syun Aika and Syun Aika.

Fully Healed/Restored
Sora Aoi

Nurse Sora Aoi has all the solutions to get you relieved and restored in the high-tech world of Sora's Health Net

Encouraging Sex
Sora Aoi

This big breasted idol dresses up as an OL (office lady) and enjoys some office blowing and banging, some intense pussy exploration and ends up with her riding a stiff cock.

Breasts Special
Sora Aoi

Sora's magnetic breasts simply drive men wild with uncontrollable outbursts of squeezing and sucking those soft marhsmellows of pleasure

Passionate Sex
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Sora Aoi

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2005 Alice Costume Play Compilation
Sora Aoi & Others
Japan Home Video KA-2227

Taking out costume fetish scenes from the newest cos-play movies of Ryoko Mitake, Sora Aoi, Kaede Matsushima, Akiho Yoshizawa, Yuna Mizumoto, Sumire Aida, and Hikaru Houzuki.

Sell Debut
Sora Aoi

Sora going to the AV doctor for a pussy and asshole examination to make sure she is fit material for AV movies.

Bleu Sky
Sora Aoi

Sora's second video. See her use toys for the first time.


Leah Dizon Hello in Hawaii

Leah Dizon is the rags to riches in Japan story, a girl who came up from import car modeling in Las Vegas to becomea very popular star and celebrity in Japan. I don't recognize this view of Hawaii, especially from the tower. Some nice and different pics here of the Hawaii scenery.

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