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Yua Aida Tide 4

Photobook profile:
* Blue (1/23/2004)
* Tide (12/21/2004)
* KARAMI 28 (5/31/2005)
* LOVEx #11 (9/28/2005)
* UTOPIA (5/25/2006)

Click thru the images to access Yua Aida hardcore sex videos. In case you missed it, here is the 3rd installment of Yua Aida in Tide.


Yuko Ogura Lovin You


Riko Tachibana cosplays as a worker

Click thru the Rikochu pics to get to Japan Sex Network. Here she cosplays as a worker, then just gets nude and wet in the shower.


We wanted to feature Riko beacuse if you look at her movies under "R" in Av Stars Directory you will see that Riko Tachibana and Hina Otsuka star in Hermaphrodite Lesbian (born with a pussy and a penis). Stick on two realistic rubber penises on these two actresses and you've got an all out lesbian super feature. It's very hot because the actresses are so opposite in height. One is very tall, the other very short. We think that is sexy.


Yua Aida Tide 3

Many Yua Aida films on her filmography list can be downloaded from the Japan Sex Network by clicking thru her images.
An earlier posting of Yua Aida in Tide is here.
Another posting of Yua Aida is here, the 4th installment.


Yoku Ogura Sabra DVD making of

Yoku Ogura is one of the most popular idols in Japan appearing in many commercials. Here she is being very sexy and cute. A Sabra "making of" DVD follows the images.

Reon Kadena, a girl's desires, 2

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