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Yua Aida Tide 2

Here is the second installment of Yua Aida Tide which can be found along with many other sexy photobooks and hardcore sex movies featuring Yua, on Japan Sex Network by clicking through the images above.

Yua's Wikipedia profile:
Yua Aida (あいだゆあ - Aida Yua) (born August 12, 1984 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese model and adult film actress who took the AV world by storm when she debuted in photo layouts in 2003, and the January 2004 DVD Pichi Pichi. Appearing in over 30 DVDs within a year, as of 2006, along with Sora Aoi, she is the most popular figure of the S1 studio. According to her official website, her hobbies are oil painting and tennis. On March 20, 2006 she was awarded the Japanese adult grand prix actress award for the year of 2005.


Yua Aida Tide

This very evocative photobook, Tide, is just a small sample of the very sensual work being performed by Yua Aida. Her sexually oriented videos as well as her artistic photos can all be downloaded at the japan Sex Network by clicking thru the images. Look under "Y" in the adult stars directory for Yua is well represented with many of her videos among the 4,000 available.

Yua Aida Tide Part 2

Uehara Takako Veintitres and Video

Takako is a very popular artist who is on solo after success with the group SPEED.


* 上原 多香子 Takako Uehara

* 生年月日:1983年1月14日
* 血液型 :A型
* 出身地 :沖縄県
* 趣味/マイブーム: ボウリング
* 好きなアーティスト:

Jennifer Lopez(憧れの女性です)

* お気に入りのアルバム:

USHER ゛8701゛

* これからしたいこと: ライブ

1. "my first love" (1999-03-25)
2. "Come close to me" (1999-09-29)
3. "my greatest memories" (2000-04-19)
4. "SWEET DREAMS" (2001-04-18)
5. "Kiss you Jōnetsu" (Kiss you 情熱, kiss you passion?) (2002-03-13)
6. "GLORY -Kimi ga Iru Kara-" (GLORY -君がいるから-, glory - because you are there?) (2002-05-22)
7. "Air" (2002-09-19)
8. "Make-up Shadow" (2003-03-12)
9. "Bluelight Yokohama" (ブルーライト・ヨコハマ, burūraito yokohama?) (2004-02-25)
10. "Galaxy Legend/Ladybug" (2004-10-20)


Yuko Ogura Aitakute

Learn more about Yuko at the official Yuko Ogura blog.


Yuko Ogura Feminine

Another cute Yuko Ogura video clip and some more moe mook including schoolgirl uniform cosplay.

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