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Sora Aoi, Erostasy, part 3

Enjoy the superb images of the luxurious Sora. After the images you can review a long list of Sora videos, many of which are available by clicking her pictures and joining Japan Sex Network where you can download over 4,000 AV movies instantly!!

* [2002.07.30] Happy Go Lucky!
* [2002.08.23] Aozora Let's Go Blue In the Sky!
* [2002.09.24] Virgin Sky
* [2002.10.29] Cosmic Girl
* [2002.11.29] Facial
* [2002.12.27] 50/50
* [2003.01.31] Sola-Graph
* [2003.02.28] Necchori Iyasaretai
* [2003.03.25] Fuhoushinnyuu Chichi
* [2003.04.25] Shikijou Kajitsu Shitagari Idol no Shitsu Hajidai
* [2003.05.30] Imouto no Himitsu
* [2003.06.20] Joshiri
* [2003.07.25] Splash Bishonure Mermaid
* [2003.08.22] Gyaku Soap Tengoku
* [2003.10.24] Seifuku Ningyo Cosplay Doll
* [2003.10.24] Hizou Chitaishuu
* [2003.11.28] Kounai Kansen
* [2003.12.26] Waisetsu Model
* [2004.01.30] Kankin Body Doll Waisetsu Meikyuu
* [2004.02.20] Ura Suikappu
* [2004.03.30] Self Produce
* [2004.04.30] Tonari no Joshidaisei Akuma no Niku Chokyo
* [2004.05.28] Taboo
* [2004.06.25] Chohatsu Erotic
* [2004.07.30] Lollipop
* [2004.08.20] Fuuzoku Aoi Sora to Shitai!
* [2004.09.28] Majo no Sumi Batsu IV
* [2004.10.22] Fetish Sora
* [2004.11.11] Seru Hatsu Girigiri Mosaic
* [2004.11.30] Best of Sky
* [2004.12.11] Jokyoushi x Joshikousei
* [2005.01.11] Ingo Eroi Onna no Ingo Asobi
* [2005.02.11] Boku dake no Aoi Sora
* [2005.03.11] Seppun Special
* [2005.04.11] Sora wa Anata no Iinari Omocha
* [2005.05.19] Sora no Nettori Noukou Sex
* [2005.06.19] Oppai Special
* [2005.07.19] Sora ga Ippai Iyashite Ageru
* [2005.08.19] Hagemashi Sex
* [2005.09.19] Sora no Sex Shikkuri Misete Ageyokka
* [2005.10.19] Cosplay de Ipppppai H shiyo!
* [2005.11.19] Ecchi na Rinjin - Aoi Sora
* [2005.12.19] Mousouteki Tokushu Yokujou Motoshimei
* [2006.01.19] Sora to no Kyoudouseikatsu 24 Jikan Sex Zanmai!
* [2006.02.19] Shinmai Nurse Sora no Pakopako Kango
* [2006.04.19] Geki Paizuri 2


Sora Aoi, Erostasy, part 2

Enjoy Sora Aoi, also spelled Sola. By clicking thru her iamges here and oging to the AV Stars Directoy or "D-Bank October" section of the Japan Sex Network, you can download many of her very sexy movies. Her special ability is graffiti. Hmmm?

Sora is one of Japan's most popular porn stars. Right after turning 18 she made her debut in November 2001 as a nude model. Her first AV was "Happy Go Lucky!", released 7/30/2002, a few months before Sora's 19th birthday. Before this, she had been in three different videos, but their release dates are unknown and it is also unknown whether Sora was of age when they were made. Since then she has been in over 50 adult films (including nude films).

There had been rumors of Sora making a break into the music industry; in April of 2006 they were finally put to rest with a confirmation of Sora's first single on May 31st, 2006. Before this, Sora had been on the NEW ROTE'KA tribute album covering one of their songs with ROTE'KA Amigos.

Among some of Sora's best friends are model/singer Kawabe Chieco and gravure idol Nakagawa Shouko.


Miho Maeshima

As winter looms in the northern hemisphere it's nice to imagine being with a sexy hot girl like Miho Maeshima in a nice well lit mansion while she bounces around in a bikini, underwear or less!!

Birthday: July 26, 1986
Hometown: Tokyo
Blood type: O
Measurements: T157 B88(E65) W58 H83
Hobby: Club, shopping
Weight: 43 kg
Special skill: Volleyball
Rating: 3.97 / 5


Sora Aoi, Erostasy

Enjoy Sora Aoi, also spelled Sola. By clicking thru her iamges here and oging to the AV Stars Directoy or "D-Bank October" section of the Japan Sex NEtwork, you can download many of her very sexy movies.

* Name: Aoi Sora (蒼井そら)
* Alternate spellings: Aoi Sola, SO-LA (as a musician)
* Birthdate: November 11th, 1983
* Height: 155cm
* Bust: 90cm (F cup)
* Waist: 58cm
* Hips: 83cm
* Blood Type: B
* Hobbies: Watching movies, dancing, playing billiards
* Special ability: Graffiti
* Favorite food: Hamburger

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