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Reon Kadena, Nomura's Eye (part 2)

The art of the Japanese idol photograph at its most subtle and natural. Each image in Nomura's Eye speaks of a delicate beauty. Reon Kadena is sultry, sexy and spiritual and we like it.

After you enjoy Reon, click thru the pics and head to the D-Bank Section of the Japan Sex Network and take a look at this fun and sexy video of drunken school girls in Japan.

C Grade l Girls 2
Drunk Girls

Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Girls that have bad grades in school and spend more time having fun than studying. So how do you educate them? Offer them some beer, and an assortment of alcohol beverages then bang them really hard when they become intoxicated. They will sure learn something! Its funny to see when these girls became dazed and their faces become red from the alcohol. You can tell they are drunk.

Changing direction entirely, this poem almost fits the natural beauty of this photobook as well, written long ago somewhere on the Nation of Eight Islands:

Early morning glows
in the faint shimmer
of first light.
Choked with sadness,
I help you into your clothes.
Shall we stay in the
House to make love, when over
The grasses of Inami Moor
There glows the moonfilled night?

Reon Kadena Nomurs's Eye Part 1


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